Welcome to the Website of N.R. Patel B.ed college , an educational center of excellence, established and managed by Karamsad Kelavni Mandal, N.R. Patel B.ed college , is a dynamic and innovative institution with an unrivalled reputation in the pre-service training of Secondary teachers, youth and kids.
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The N.R. Patel B.Ed College Karamsad is Making a sincere attempt to introduce a multifarious, holistic educational milieu that harmonizes tehnological advancement and humanistic wisdom.  This endeavor involves a paradigm shift a reflective change in the mindset of the educators , student and their parents.

It is our deep conviction that education need to be a joyful experience that facilitates the growth abd transformation of young minds at their impressionable age and fortifies them the required knowledge and skill to face the challenges of a competitive world.We are aware that in making that in making this effort we are drawing inspiration from the primeval source of our national culture and rice heritage.  This also requires continuity of thought and a quickened pace of execution.

Wedded to the role edifice of ideology, we consider no sacrifice small in the constructive  work for the child’s future. It is vain myth but a concrete movement.

Come! Join this movement of nation building through the revelation that signifies information intelligence , initation , innovation and intuition and representing the quintessence of N.R .Patel B.ed college Endowed with lofty objectives , no assure to move forward upholding  human grandeur.

Late. Shri natubhai Revabhai Patel,
Karamsad Kelavani Mandal

  • To offer guidance, motivation and inspiration for full growth  hidden traits
  • To impart technical & need-based education by conducting elaborated training programs.
  • To shape and mould the personality of future generation
  • To construct fertile ground for resting dire challenges
  • To cultivate the feeling of belongingness among the faction of teachers.
  • As a part of B.Ed. program trainees have to submit various submissions such as Psychological tests, case study, teaching aids, blue-prints, text book evaluation, tutorials, blue print, test-items field work and various submissions were completed by the trainees.
  • With this trainees have to do prayer regularly in the beginning of the day. They have to also give a small talk on any relevant topic. The highlighting feature of this activity is that each trainee has to do this as his or her turn comes. This provides platform to trainees to gain confidence.
Karamsad at Glance
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